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​There are so many FALSE rumors going around about the natural gas hookup and FALSE statements unfairly attributed to NEVHA. NEVHA did not drop the ball on this subject.

At the risk of incurring more false statements I’d like to try to set this straight.


In 2014 some residents were interested in having gas installed. After putting in a good deal of time and effort we had approximately 80 homeowners scattered throughout  the community (of approximately 550 homes) who indicated they were interested in gas service. It was not enough. While it is not a stated policy, PSE&G is looking for a conversion rate of nearly 100%.

PSE&G has a formula for determining  the amount of “free” gas main installation for which a customer is eligible. This is for the gas main and has nothing to do with the individual home hookup. A heating customer gets 100' of free gas main. If someone lives 1000' from a main (Furrows or Patchogue-Holbrook) we'd need 10 commitments, 2000’   would need 20 customers and so on.

In other words if you are the third house from the gas main and are the only one interested in gas you pay for the 200 feet of gas main that passes your neighbors’ homes. Participating homes will have to make up the cost for every home in the run that doesn’t participate. That is why you need 100% participation.

Statements like “the association promised the world and didn’t pull through. They took it over. We had more than 40 signatures and contacts with PSEG. Now nothing!!! The community should ask the association what went wrong. We could all have gas right now....that doesn’t sound right but true!” are misleading.

While the individual may have “had more than 40 signatures”  There was NEVER a promise either stated or implied from NEVHA regarding natural gas.

Another statement “the association blocked everything we did” is totally false and insulting.

The reality is that unless PSE&G changes its formula it is unlikely that natural gas will ever be installed. PSE&G needs nearly 100% participation. It is naive to think someone  “had it” accomplished with 40 signatures.  This isn’t what people want to hear, but this is the way it is.

You didn’t ask but others have, I would like to address what does NEVHA do with “all” the money? We usually have just enough to maintain the landscaping around the six signs at the entrances, mow the lawns around the bicycle path entrances on Singingwood and pay for our Chamber of Commerce membership.